Elmnt 13 Celebrates 5 Years!

Elmnt 13 Celebrates 5 Years!

We took a break from our summer schedule to celebrate a milestone anniversary for Elmnt 13. Hosted at Spaces & Co, our 5th  anniversary event was a site to behold. Complete with music, food and fun, guests were encouraged to celebrate with a good old fashioned cookout; with Elmnt 13’s signature touch of course. Orange decor hung from the ceilings thanks to Joi Adamson and guests indulged in food fresh off the grill courtesy of Pearl Flower Catering and James Southerland. Our hedge wall photo booth was also a hit! Guest lined up to take photos with the many props provided by Midwest photo booth.

If you missed the event, no worries! Check out the photos. And, if you have a moment, take some time to read a heartfelt excerpt from our Founder & CEO regarding the last five years and the promising further that lies ahead of us.

Five years ago I decided to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship.

One month after obtaining  a Masters of Business Administration, I felt it was time to leave Phoenix, AZ and my salaried position with benefits to  move back home to Cleveland, OH. This decision seemed crazy to everyone, but to me it seemed like the road to freedom, happiness and limitless opportunity. Family and friends often asked, “Isn’t that going backwards?” Without hesitation, I’d respond “Yup!” But I have always said in life sometimes you have to go backwards in order to move forward.

That risk I took five years ago has granted me the opportunity to run a business and work with amazing high profile clients. No days are the same; clients challenge and warrant our capabilities allowing us to grow and become more efficient in many ways. As a company, we have aided clients in building their brand, starting foundations, establishing inaugural events, impacting the community, partnering with Fortune 500 companies and so much more.

In an interview, I was once asked what is success to you. Success is relative, but success for me isn’t defined by the amount of money I have but by the amount of opportunities I have provided others and the impact I have had along the way.