‘Get Out The Early Vote’ Rally with President Obama

‘Get Out The Early Vote’ Rally with President Obama

It’s not often that we get to stop what we’re doing and indulge in an event with President Obama as the speaker! Not only did we handle the booking with Hillary’s team and secret service for DJ Steph Floss to provide the event tunes, but we were also on site to make sure DJ Steph Floss was good to go. Oh and of course, to catch our president address the city of Cleveland for what may be his very last time while in office!

Prior to President Obama gracing the stage, we heard from influential political leaders such as Mayor Frank Jackson and Congresswoman Marcia L Fudge. Jackson welcomed President Obama back to Cleveland and thanked him for his leadership over the last 8 years. Mayor Jackson spoke about Hillary Clintons’ experience in the White House, how familiar she is with its workings from practically every corner, contributing to why she should be the candidate of choice. Fudge further reiterated Jacksons point of the importance to get out and vote for Hillary stating,

“Donald Trump cannot be president unless he wins the state of Ohio and that everyone should vote for the person that will make America great again.”

After hearing from Jackson and Fudge, the crowd waited patiently and energetically, listening to DJ Steph Floss who was recently crowned as ‘Ohio’s Best Club DJ’ by Scene Magazine. The moment everyone waited for was only minutes away, President Barack Obama!

Upon taking the stage to great applause, President Obama encouraged early voting and directed the crowd to visit iwillvote.com/locate to find their voting location. Presented Obama riled up the crowd honing in on some heavy points to illustrate why Senator Hillary Clinton is indeed the perfect candidate for presidency. Check out some of the things he had to say:

  • Senator Clinton is great at handling crisis situations and remaining calm under pressure.
  • Senator Clinton will make sure fewer jobs go overseas
  • Senator Clinton places a priority on preschool and no debt for college students

“Hillary Clinton the smartest, toughest, most prepared person for the job of president.”